Custom Breadcrumbs for particular CMS page

Paste this code in CMS Page > Design > Page layout > Layout Update XML


<reference name="">
<action method="unsetChild"><alias>breadcrumbs</alias></action>
<block type="page/html_breadcrumbs" name="breadcrumbs" as="breadcrumbs">
    <action method="addCrumb">
        <crumbInfo><label>Home page</label><title>Home page</title><link>/</link></crumbInfo>
    <action method="addCrumb">
        <crumbInfo><label>My Parent Page</label><title>My Parent Page</title><link>/myparentpage/</link></crumbInfo>
    <action method="addCrumb">
        <crumbInfo><label>My Sub Page</label><title>My Sub Page</title></crumbInfo>


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